Residents Relations

Welcome to the Halfmoon Residents Relations Committee Web page. We are excited to welcome new Town of Halfmoon Residents and inform all Halfmoon residents on the many activities and attractions in the Town of Halfmoon.
Receiver of Taxes Dana Cunniff is the chair for this committee that includes Town Clerk and Halfmoon Historical Society President Lynda Bryan and Halfmoon Senior Center Association President Nancy Morris. Between these members, there are many years of service to town residents and a vast knowledge of attractions and events within the town. We urge all town residents to search our page and  others through the website to see upcoming events.
We are proud to announce a new program for the Town of Halfmoon to be known as Halfmoon Heroes. The town has so many silent heroes who work behind the scene to help residents who have had misfortunes, being it a fire at their homes, illness within the family or just someone to stop with food from meals on wheels and spends 5 minutes with someone who is not able to leave their home and just wants to see a friendly face. These are just a few reasons to be proud of our community. The Town of Halfmoon Board would like to honor and thank these selfless residents. These wonderful people are an important reason Halfmoon is an outstanding place to call home.
On our page you will find a link to fill out a Halfmoon Hero form to nominate such a Halfmoon resident or organization for this honor. We know these people are out there and hope you will take the time to be a part of this program.

Anytime we on the Resident Relations Committee can be of help to you please contact us either through this website or at our email address, we are always here to help.

Board Members

Name Title
Lynda Bryan Member
Nancy L Morris Member
Dana Cunniff Chair