Transfer Station


From the desk of:
William Bryans, Transfer Station Caretaker and Highway Superintendent

The Town of Halfmoon operates a Transfer Station and Recycling Center for the convenience of its residents located at 322 Route 146 at the Highway Department Facility. 

A permit is required to utilize the Transfer Station; permits are available at the Town Clerks Office free of charge with proof of residency.  Punch cards can be purchased either at the Town Clerk’s Office or at the Transfer Station at a cost of $30.00 for 10 punches. 

The Town strives to continue to offer a facility that operates 3 days a week, the revenue collected from user fees help offset the expenses to operate this facility. 

The Town of Halfmoon Transfer Station is for Halfmoon Residents only.  The health and safety of our residents and employees is our highest priority. 

As we continue to actively monitor developments related to coronavirus (COVID-19) we want to assure you that we are taking all necessary health and safety precautions.  When using our facility, as requested by the CDC please keep a 6 foot or more distance from other residents and our employees and face covering is required at all times.

Please call me at 518-664-3127 or email me at anytime.  I am here to serve all Town Residents.  Have a great day and stay safe! 


You may only use the Transfer Station during the days and times it is open all other times it is illegal to dump and it does have surveillance cameras on it at all times.

We are open on the following days and times:

Tuesday  8am – noon
      Friday     Noon – 5:00pm
     Saturday 8am – 1:00pm

(During our spring and fall clean-up Saturdays we will remain open until 3:00pm.)

Spring & Fall Cleanup

Click here for Spring Cleanup     Click here for Fall Cleanup

Click here for Paper Shredding Day      Click here for Hazardous Waste Day

A service to all Halfmoon Residents held in April and September.  Please check website for exact dates as the time nears.  These Cleanups allow you to bring items that we normally do not take. 

Below is a list of acceptable items, unacceptable items, and information of disposal of used oil, televisions, computer equipment, tires and yard waste.  If you have additional, questions please call us at 518-664-3127.  Thank you.



For several years, the Town of Halfmoon has accepted all electronics for recycling free to our residents at the Transfer Station. By providing this drop off service throughout the year, the Town has provided a convenient option for the collection & subsequent recycling of unwanted electronics. Due to the increased costs, we have no option other than to charge a fee for disposal of CRT televisions & monitors that will offset the Towns cost of disposing of these items. Please see the attached information. For additional information, please contact Bill Bryans at the Highway Department at (518)664-3127 or 

Acceptable Items 
#1-7 plastic bottles 
#1-7 plastic tubs and screw top jars (no lids)

Clean balled aluminum foil (2" or larger) 
Pie pans, cans

Corrugated cardboard & paper bags 
Empty aerosol cans (no caps) 
Glass bottles and jars

Loose metal jar lids & steel bottle caps

Magazines, brochures & catalogues 
Newspapers and inserts, file folders 

Opened mail & greeting cards 
Paperback books, paperboard, boxes, paper egg cartons 
Paper milk & juice cartons (no foil pouches)

Phone books, white or pastel office paper 
All bulk metal & scrap metal & metal appliances 
Paint containers must be open and dry Latex only 
All above items accepted free of charge 

Unacceptable Items 
Ceramics, drinking glasses, tissues

Needles or syringes

Frozen food containers

Hardback books, paper towels 
Hazardous or bio-hazardous waste 
Light bulbs, mirrors & napkins 
Paper to go containers, stickers & labels

Vases, window glass, plates, pyrex 
Plastic 6-pack holders, plastic bags, plastic microwave trays 
Plastic other than those listed on acceptable list

Plastic tops, Styrofoam, Waxed paper or waxed cardboard 
Tyvek envelopes 
We no longer accept used Oil 
The following business WILL accept used oil:

Jiffy Lube 373-0602

Mangino 373-4100

Monroe Muffler 279- 6144 
New Country Toyota 664-4444
Walmart 373-5754

Warren Tire 371-3343

All are Area Code 518

Misc. Items

Tires 13"-16" $3.00

Tires 17"-19" $6.00

Tires 20" & up $15.00 
Television Fees:


Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Televisions

CRT TV's & CRT Monitors under 17" or less $10.00 
CRT TV's & CRT Monitors larger

than 17" & 27" or less $20.00 
CRT TV's & CRT Monitors above 27" $35.00 
Wood Console/Projection TV's $45.00 
Best Buy is currently accepting televisions & monitors up to 32".  

Call Best Buy for updated information or visit 
Electronic Equipment, Flat screen Televisions &

Flat Screen Monitors are accepted free of charge all year. 
Yard Waste: 
Accepted for free, branches no more than 3" in diameter 

and 6' in length 
No Contractors 
All Loads must be covered

The following Halfmoon businesses WILL accept used oil:
✓ Hoffman Jiffy Lube 518-373-0602 - used motor oil & anti-freeze
✓ Jack Byrne 518-664-2571 - used motor oil only
✓ Mangino Mitsubishi 518-373-4100 - used motor oil & anti-freeze
✓ Midas Muffler 518-952-9215 - used motor oil only
✓ Monroe Muffler 518-279-6144 - used motor oil & anti-freeze
✓ New Country Toyota 518-664-4444 - used motor oil, anti-freeze and used gas from mowers
✓ Walmart Lube Express 518-373-5754 - used motor oil
✓ Warren Tire 518-371-3343 - used motor oil only

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Bill Bryans Caretaker/Superintendent of Highways (518) 664-3127