Lynda Bryan

(518) 371-7410 ext. 2233

Lynda is the Registrar of Vital Statistics, issuing Marriage, Death & Birth Certificates. She is the Records Management Officer and is responsible for the active files, storage and disposition of inactive records and the careful maintenance of archival material. She is also the administrator of all the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) requests. A free society is maintained when government is responsive and responsible to the public and will do everything within the law to support the public’s right to know.

Lynda has proudly served as Halfmoon Town Clerk since 2010. She is liaison to the Senior Center and the Halfmoon Historical Society and is the Halfmoon representative on the Two Towns One Book Committee at the Library. Lynda also serves on the Resident Relations Committee and the Business and Economic Development Committee for the town.

Deputies Laurie Sullivan & Sharon Phelps together have served the residents of Halfmoon a total of 40 years, and along with Lynda have welcomed part time Deputy Lynn Pratt to their team. This is a winning record that any town would be proud of! 

During her business life, Lynda owned and operated Dutch Touch Florist in Halfmoon for 25 years. After closing her business, she worked at the Saratoga County Clerk’s Office in the DMV and as the Records Management Coordinator. These past experiences have given her a strong background for her current position as Town Clerk. 

Lynda is proud to have lived in Halfmoon most of her life along with her twin daughters Jenniffer & Jeannette. Her family has called Halfmoon their home since the Civil War. She finds local history fascinating and could not be happier being the town’s record keeper and preserving the town’s oldest records.

Lynda, Laurie, Sharon and Lynn are responsible for all of the towns licensing, Town Board Meetings, agendas, and minutes, organizing the local elections, issuing Certificates of Residency and the day to day recording of records. They are the Welcome Center of the town. 

Board Memberships

Board/CommitteeJob titleMembership Status
Town Clerk
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Active Membership
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Department Memberships

DepartmentJob title
Town Clerk Registrar of Vital Statistics, Records Access Officer
Active Membership
Chair of Committee on Historical Archives
Active Membership
Chair of Senior Programs
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