Receiver of Taxes

Dana A. Cunniff - Receiver of Taxes 

Kiva Cropsey    - Deputy Receiver of Taxes    


The Receiver of Taxes is designated by law to collect General Property Taxes, Water Bill payments, Fire inspection Fees, Planning , Zoning, Building and Special Fees relating to all properties within the Town of Halfmoon.  Our office mails approximately 9,000 Property Tax Bills the last week of December and approximately 8,000 Water Bills twice a year (April & October). The Property Tax bills contains levies for the Town, County, Fire District, and any applicable special districts.  In addition, if school or water bills are unpaid, they will be re-levied on the Property Tax Bill.  

Property Tax Collection & Penalties:    Tax Bills can be paid at the Town begining January 1st through January 31st without penalties.  As of February 1st there will be a 1% penalty added to the balance due.   On March 1st a 2% penalty plus a $2.00 notice fee will be applied to the original amount due. ****  MARCH 31st is the deadline date to pay your taxes at the Town of Halfmoon - Receiver of Taxes Office. To pay your taxes after April 1st you will need to contact the Saratoga County Treasurers @ (518) 884-4724 to confirm the amount due and pay them directly. 

Ways to Pay Tax Bills:

**Important Note: Before you mail in your check, make sure to date the check, double check your written amount on the check is correct, make sure it is signed and you should include a phone number on your check in the case we are unable to process your check we can contact you right away.  ****No partial payments can be accepted, and no postdated checks will be accepted.

Pay in person at the Town of Halfmoon - Receiver of Taxes Office and pay cash, check, or credit card (2.45% Convenience Fee for Credit Cards) 

Pay by mail  Payable to Halfmoon Receiver of Taxes @ 2A Halfmoon Town Plaza, Halfmoon, NY 12065  

Drop off payment during or after hours by using the Towns Drop Box located in front of the entrance to the Town Hall (Box checked daily @ 8am, Noon & 4pm)

Pay Tax Bill online 

Convenience Fees for paying Taxes by credit, debit or e-Checks:                                                  Visa & Master Card Credit 2.45%, Visa Debit $3.95, eChecks $1.75

Pursuant to Real Property Tax Law 922, failure to receive a property tax bill does not relieve the taxpayer of the obligation to pay taxes in full and in a timely manner.  If the property taxes are not paid during the interest free period, the taxpayer is obligated to pay interest and penalties for late payments as per New York State Real Propety Tax Law 924.  If payment is enclosed in a postpaid wrapper properly addressed to the appropriate collecting officer with a United States postmark date on or before the due date, such payment shall, upon delivery be deemed on time.  If the postmark does not appear on such wrapper or the postmark is illegible such payment shall be deemed to have been made on the date of delivery (if delivered after the due date, this will be considered late and check will be returned to sender).  Further, a postage meter postmark or postage purchased from a third party vendor (NOT purchased directly from the United States Postal Service) is NOT a postmark made by the United States Post Office and cannot be deemed timely if received after the due date.

School Tax Payment Information:  School Taxes are collected by the individual School Districts and NOT BY THE TOWN.  For more information follow the links below:

Shenendehow CSD School Tax Bill 

Mechanicville CSD School Tax Bill 

Waterford CSD School Tax Bill 

WATER BILLING INFORMATION:  Water Bills are issued twice a year (April and October).  Water bills not paid by due date will have a 10% penalty applied to the balance due.    (IMPORTANT:  WE CAN NOT ACCEPT POST MARKED MAIL, IT MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE DUE DATE.  ANY PAYMENTS RECEIVED AFTER NOVEMBER 1ST WILL BE RETURNED).  ***Water bills that have not been paid as of November 1st of each year will have any outstanding balances automatically relevied Property Tax Bills. 


Pay in person and/or use the drop box provided outside the entrance of the Town Hall.  The Receivers office will accept Check, Cash, and/or Credit Card payments (*Note a 3.0% Fee or minimum of $2.50 will be charged for credit card payments in person or over phone).

Pay by mail with Check (Must be received by due date) 2A Halfmoon Town Plaza, Halfmoon, NY 12065.

Pay with ACH automatically deducted from your account on the 20th of April and 20th October.  This is a FREE service click here to sign up for ACH.    You will still get a bill, if you are signed up it will say "Pd By Draft" where the amount due if paid after due date would be.  

Pay Water Bill Online (click link to pay now) Pay online with credit card by going to and click pay online.  First option is to set up an account which allows you to access to your bills and payment history, OR you can choose the quick pay option.  *Note: For security reasons it will ask what your last payment made was, if it is your first payment enter 0, and if you can not remember the amount, please call our office and we would be happy to provide the information you need.

Convenience Fees for Paying Water Bills with Credit:    (You can pay with Visa, Master Card, Discover & American Express)  There is a charge of 3% or a minimum $2.50 when paying with credit card. 


Set's all appointments for water department including:  Waterline inspections, water meter installs for builders and other work orders pertaining to water services including final water readings & closing statements to attorney's, realtor's and residents. 

To order a final water reading:  Please email or call Kiva Cropsey @ 518-371-7410 Ext 2252 (Please provide the closing date, closing attorney's name, email & phone #, as well as the new owner's name & mailing address).


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Dana Cunniff Receiver of Taxes (518) 371-7410 ext. 2251
Kiva A. Cropsey Deputy Receiver of Taxes (518) 371-7410 ext. 2252