Commercial Site Plan$.50/SF of construction (new or added).  For a RENEWAL of a previously-approved Site Plan, if the plan is expired by 1 year or less and there are no significant changes in the plan, a flat fee of $250 shall apply.  All other renewals shall be $.50/SF.
Minor Subdivision (4 lots of less)$150/lot; $250 flat fee for amendments after Final Approval.
Major Subdivision (5 lots or greater)

$200/lot;  $500 flat fee for amendments or $200/lot of the increased/reduced number of lots, whichever is greater.

Special Use Permit$300; except for two-family residential (duplex) structures, which require a $300 base fee plus an additional $300/duplex building.
Change of Tenant/Use$250
Sign$100 first sign; $50 each additional sign. (Two sided-signs, with identical copy, shall be charged as one sign).
Home Occupation$100
PDD (Town Board)$2,500; $1,500 for amendments to an existing PDD, including a project name change. Renewal of a PDD $ 250.00.
PDD Recommendation (Planning Board)$750; $500 for amendments to an existing PDD, including a project name change. Renewal of a PDD recommendation $ 250.00.
Zoning Compliance Letter$25 for Residential; $50 for Non-Residential
Zoning Enforcement Officer DenialIf Planning Board application fee is over $250 as listed in this fee schedule , fee for ZEO Denial: $250; if variance granted, $250 fee to be deducted from Planning Board application fee if fee is over $ 1,000.
Missed AppearancesIf two missed appearances before the Planning Board, the application will be considered withdrawn and a new application fee is required.
Mobile Home Park (Town Board)New: $2500;  Amendment/ Expansion: $1,500
Mobile Home Park Recommendation  (Planning Board)New: $1000;  Amendment/ Expansion: $750
Telecommunications Tower/Antenna Co-locationNew Tower: $2,500 ; Co-Location or use of an existing structure that is deemed a Telecommunications Tower ( building , steeple , etc, as defined by Town Code) $ 350.00.

Stormwater & Soil Disturbance

Residential Subdivision       
   Minor Subdivision (4 lots or less):    
   Major Subdivision (5 lots or more):

$400 flat fee
$800 flat fee or $50/lot, whichever is greater                                                  

$250 per disturbed acre                        
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) Acceptance Form/Notice of intent
Stormwater Notice of Termination