Solicitation for Comprehensive Plan Update Committee Members


November 7, 2022

The Town of Halfmoon is embarking on an exciting initiative to update its town-wide Comprehensive Plan and needs your help as a Town resident!

The Town of Halfmoon is establishing a Comprehensive Plan Update Committee (CPUC) to help review data and information, solicit public input and participation and act as a sounding board for Town officials and consultants during the development of the Plan. Accordingly, the Town is looking for active and engaged residents interested in volunteering their time to help guide and plan for development and growth while protecting the quality of life that has made Halfmoon so attractive for families, businesses and retirees over the last 20 years. It is expected that the CPUC will meet bi-monthly and needed to assist in public workshops, public hearings and other outreach efforts. The first kick-off meeting of the CPUC is tentatively scheduled for January 2023.

To this end, the Halfmoon Town Board has enlisted the services of MJ Engineering & Surveying (MJ) to assist the Town in development of this Comprehensive Plan Update and fully funded this effort in the 2023 Town Budget. The next step is to establish the CPUC and that’s where we need your help! The CPUC is expected to have a total of thirteen (13) members, with representatives from various town elected and appointed boards and committees, the local business community and residents. Resident candidates should have some level of knowledge of local history and be familiar with current development and land use in the Town. While relevant land use experience (engineering, law, planning, real estate, etc.) is helpful, it is not required. Most importantly, candidates should be willing and available to volunteer the time, share their opinions and proceed with an open mind towards the many issues and competing needs of a growing community. It is essential that members not have a pre-determined agenda, be driven by a single-interest, or be self-interested. Members should be willing to act in the best interests of the town as a whole with a collaborative mindset. Geographic diversity and a diversity in the background and experience of candidates will be factors considered in the final selection of members.

Interested residents should send a one (1) page letter of interest and resume to: Lynda Bryan, Halfmoon Town Clerk, 2 Halfmoon Town Plaza, Halfmoon, NY 12065 or by email to by 4:00PM on December 15, 2022