2019 Fall Clean Up

clean up

2019 Fall Clean Up Dates

September 17, 20, 21, 24, 27, 28

Tuesday 8am – Noon  **  Friday Noon – 5pm  **  Saturday 8am – 3pm

*Cleanup is limited to Town Residents Only* No Contractors Transfer Station Permit is required. 
It can be obtained at the Town Clerk’s Office.
We would like to remind our Transfer Station Patrons that metals and appliances can be dumped all year long.  Residents may dump items and construction debris during the above dates. The fees are as follows: $5 per car load, $10 per truck or van load, $10 per trailer load, U-Haul type vehicles will be charged accordingly. Regular household garbage will be charged the normal rate.
No Combustibles or Toxic Substances Allowed
Paint containers must be open and dry.  Yard waste is accepted for free,
(Branches no more than 3” in diameter and 6’ in length) 
Tires are charged as follows:
13”-16” $3.00 and 17”–19” is $6.00 and 20” and up is $15.00
Electronic Equipment, Flat Screen Televisions and Flat Screen Monitors are accepted free of charge all year.
Cathode Ray Tube (CRT’s) Televisions
CRT TV’s and CRT Monitors under 17” or less $10.00
CRT TV’s and CRT Monitors larger than 17” and 27” or less $20.00
CRT TV’s and CRT Monitors above 27” $35.00
Wood Console/Projection TV’s $45.00
Any questions please contact John Pingelski at jpingelski@townofhalfmoon-ny.gov or call 518-664-3127