The Town of Halfmoon, located in Saratoga County, New York has an existing municipal water system consisting of: The Town of Halfmoon Consolidate Water District and Water District #1. The Town's water system currently serves over 15,000 residents with 6,300 accounts in the Town of Halfmoon. 

The Town of Halfmoon is bordered by: the Town of Stillwater and the City of Mechanicville to the north; the Hudson River to the east; the Mohawk River and the Town of Waterford to the south; and Interstate Highway 87 (i.e., the Northway) and the Town of Clifton Park to the west. Development of the Town's water system generally began in the southwesterly part of the Town, and has rapidly expanded both north along the Northway corridor and east across the southern border of the Town. 

Water Districts No.1 and 3 were created in the 1970's; 

Water Improvement Area No.1 and Water Districts No.4 and 5 were created in the 1980's; and Water Districts No. 2,6,7,8,9,10,11, and 14 and the extensions were created in the 1990's; Water Districts No.12 and 15 completed in 2001. 

In 2001 the Town of Halfmoon consolidated all districts into one with three zones. In 2012 all three zones became one zone. 

The development of the Town's water system over the past thirty years was due primarily to the inadequate individual well supplies in the Town, as well as the growth the Town experienced in response to the construction of the Northway. The need for an adequate, reliable, and dependable water source to serve the existing water service areas is of paramount importance to the Town of Halfmoon. 


The Towns main water source is the City of Troy, this water source is from the Tomhannock Reservoir and is treated with fluoride.  The Town has emergency connections with the Town of Waterford, Clifton Park Water Authority and the City of Troy.


The system has approximately 160 miles of pipe, 3200 valves and 2500 fire hydrants. The system has four water storage tanks sized at 400,000 gallons, 750,000 gallons, 800,000 gallons and 1,000,000 gallons.  This system serves 15,000 residents and over 6,500 meters are installed. 

The average daily consumption is 2.2 MGD and a maximum day of 4.0 MGD. 


Our municipal water customers receive a water bill for usage on a quarterly basis/ January, April, July and October. A penalty is applied if the quarterly bill is not received by the applied due date. Any outstanding payments that are not received by November 1, will be applied to their January tax bill. For any billing information, please contact 371-7410 ext. 2600. All payments are to be made payable to the Receiver of Taxes and can be made in person in the Town Hall or can be mailed to 2A Halfmoon Town Plaza, Halfmoon, New York 12065. Now available ACH Bank Draft, credit card, phone and on-line payments. Call 371-7410 x 2251. Receiver of Taxes Office.


Effective January 2018 $4.60 base rate up to 30,000 gallons 

$6.90 31,000 - 50,000 gallons 

$9.20 - 51,000 gallons and higher 

System Improvements 

The Town is continuously upgrading and expanding the water system to provide the residents with the best water system possible. 

If you are in a water district and have not yet hooked up to the municipal water, please call and we will explain the process to you. 


After a snowfall, remember to clear a three-foot path around fire hydrants near your home. If you are unable to do this please contact the Town of Halfmoon Water Department at (518) 371-7410 ext 2600 for assistance. 

Landscaping or other obstructions must be a minimum of 10 feet clear around fire hydrants.