Grants Received

The past years the Clerk’s Office has been awarded grants from the Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund. The first grant allowed us a new records center to properly store our inactive records. The new facility has added many years of additional storage as well as saved countless hours of retrieval time of records.  Another grant that the Clerk’s Office was awarded was monies to digitize our most important and historical records that are stored in the town’s vault.  This has allowed us to preserve and protect the records from disasters such as the fire in 1853 that destroyed most of our oldest records. We have records that date back to 1854, including many documents from the Civil War as well as the two Minute Books from 1786 – 1855 that survived the fire of 1853.

We have indexed these records and will have them available on our website as well as a link on the New York State Archives website. These projects, although big benefits to the residents are fully funded by the grant and pose no cost to the taxpayers.

We look forward to the next 225 years and further preserving the Town of Halfmoon’s History!