Dangerous Dogs

Any person, who witnesses an attack or threatened attack on a person or a companion animal; or an adult on the behalf of a minor, may make a complaint about a dangerous dog to an animal or dog control officer.  The officer will advise the complaining party of their right to initiate a dangerous dog proceeding against the owner of the dog in question.  Statements are taken and then the officer brings the action before the Judge to get an order to seize the dog until such time as the matter is decided in court.  Judges have many options in deciding what becomes of the dog if deemed dangerous at trial, including behavior training, restraint, muzzling, confinement, neutering, and euthanasia.  Call Animal Control at (518)348-0196 if you believe a dog is dangerous.

Dogs are not deemed dangerous if they are found to have been protecting themselves or their offspring, protecting premises during the commission of a crime, reacting to pain, etc.

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