Animal Control investigates every complaint which comes to us -whether in person, via phone, by mail or email. We endeavor to educate residents as to their responsibilities as dog owners at every opportunity.  Often a warning is sufficient to solve a problem.  We will give only one warning before we require a written complaint.

While an Animal Control Officer may file a complaint and write a ticket for a violation he/she has personally witnessed, we rely on formal resident complaints for incidents which occur when we are not present – this requires signing the Town’s Dog Ordinance Complaint Form. Information given on this form must be accurate to the best of the complainant’s knowledge as it is considered an affidavit.  When a written complaint is filed with our office, an appearance ticket is issued to the dog owner.  The dog owner must respond either by mail or in person on the court date assigned.  If a plea of not guilty is entered, the complaining party must be prepared to be called as a witness at the scheduled town trial.

Click here for the printable version of the complaint form.