Lost & Found Pets

Where can I report a lost or found pet? Lost and found pets should be reported to Animal Control and the County Animal Shelter immediately upon discovery of either the loss or finding of a pet. Use of social media has also met with success in reuniting pets and their owners.

Where are seized pets taken by Animal Control? The Town of Halfmoon transports pets to the Saratoga County Animal Shelter exclusively as we have a contract with them.  The only exception is when a pet is found with serious injury which needs immediate veterinary attention, and then the animal is transported to a local vet. 

How do I get back a pet which has been brought to the Shelter?  For a dog, proof of current licensure is required. If the dog is not currently licensed, the Shelter will license the dog and the owner must pay the licensing fee.  For both dogs and cats proof of rabies vaccination is required.  The Shelter will inoculate a pet which is not up-to-date at the owner’s expense. The Shelter also charges a fee for boarding animals which have been brought in.