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Meeting Room Rental Policy
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Town of Halfmoon organizations are allowed to use the Town Hall meeting rooms for the purpose of conducting meetings when the space is not being used for official Town use. There is no charge to an organization using a meeting room. Smoking and  alcoholic beverages  are not allowed on Town property. The meeting rooms are not available for private parties, weddings or showers. Space is not allowed to conduct business or classes where a fee is being collected. No Town equipment or furniture shall be removed from Town facilities without approval by the Town Supervisor or a member of the Town Board. A Certificate of Insurance naming the Town of Halfmoon as additional insured in the covered amount of $1 million is required and must be received prior to the meeting date. A designated person must sign a hold harmless agreement stating to agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Town of Halfmoon from any claim arising out of its acts or omissions and from any and all losses whatsoever, whether for personal injuries or property damage, including but not limited to the cost of litigation, attorney fees, filing fees and expenses of each and every nature. Rest rooms are located near the main entrance of Town Hall. Responsibility is also assumed for leaving the meeting room in a clean condition.

Depending on the size and frequency of meetings, a designated person may be named as a person to be responsible for a key fob in order to access the building for your meeting. As the doors to Town Hall will be locked and only unlocked with key fob, you will need to let people attending your meeting into the building. This policy has been created to make sure the building is secure at all times as well as to not allow access to individuals who have not reserved space. Unless otherwise arranged, at the end of your meeting the key fob should be left in the mail slot located on the door next to the Town Clerk’s Office. A sign out form for a key fob must be completed and return to the Town Clerk’s Office during normal business hours Monday – Friday 8:00AM – 4:00PM or Wednesday until 7:00PM. All required paperwork must be received before a key fob can be issued. This person will be responsible to use the key for your scheduled meeting.

Space available

A. James Bold Meeting Room - This is a large meeting room that can accommodate up to 250 people. There is a podium with a microphone and access to connect your laptop/projector to give a presentation. Request for a screen or special room set up can be arranged. This room is located in the main entrance of Town Hall – straight through the lobby.

Board Room – A small room with a conference table and seating for up to 12. There is a white board to use for presentations. This room is adjacent to the A. James Bold Meeting room, there is a door connecting the two rooms.

Conference Room – This room can accommodate up to 20 around a large conference table. There is a white board to use for presentations. This room is the first room on the right, across from the Town Clerk’s Office.

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