Planning Board FAQs

The following are some of the most common questions received by the Halfmoon Planning Department, along with helpful answers. Please feel free to contact the Planning Department if you have any additional questions or need more information.

What is the zoning for my property? What can I do on my property? What can I build?
The zoning for a particular piece of property determines what types of uses and what can be built on it. The Zoning District for a property can be found by viewing the Zoning Map. Once the proper Zoning District is identified, the Zoning Ordinance establishes the allowable uses and other requirements (building setbacks, parking, greenspace, etc.). If you need assistance identifying the zoning and the allowed uses for your property, please contact the Planning Department .

What types of projects require review and approval by the Planning Board?
The Halfmoon Town Code requires the following types of projects to be reviewed by the Planning Board:

  • Subdivisions of Land (Residential and Non-Residential)
  • Lot Line Adjustments
  • Duplex (two family) homes
  • Commercial, Light Industrial, Industrial, and Manufacturing Site Plans
  • Planned Development Districts (PDDs)
  • Signs
  • Change of Use and Change of Tenant
  • Home Occupations
  • Special Uses, as listed in the Town Code.

How often does the Planning Board meet?
The Planning Board meets two times/month, on the 2nd and 4th Monday (on Tuesdays when a holiday falls on a Monday), except in December, when the Board meets once. See the Planning Board schedule for specific meeting dates and application deadlines.

How do I obtain an application to appear before the Planning Board?
All Planning Board applications can be downloaded from this website on the “Planning Board Applications” page and by contacting or visiting the Planning Department.

Is there a fee or cost associated with appearing before the Planning Board?
Yes. Fees for all Planning Board applications can be found by visiting the “Planning Board Fees” page. If a Public Hearing or Public Informational Meeting is required as part of your project, postage and newspaper publication costs are bourne by the applicant.

How do I know when my application will be heard by the Planning Board?
After review of an application by the Planning Department staff, the Planning Board Chairman sets the agenda the week before the scheduled Planning Board meeting. The Planning Department will notify all applicants on the agenda, by the Friday preceding the meeting date

If my application is on a Planning Board agenda, do I have to present or speak at the meeting?
Yes. The applicant or their authorized representative must be present and explain the project to the Board at the public meeting. Often, questions are asked by the Board or the public and additional information may be needed before the Planning Board can make a final decision.

If my application is approved, what happens next?
If an application is approved by the Planning Board, the next step is dependent upon the type of application and the type of approval granted. In some cases, conditions are established by the Planning Board in their approval, which may need to be met prior to proceeding forward. It is important that applicants make note of these conditions and/or contact the Planning Departmentfor any clarification of what is required to proceed.