There are seven cemeteries in the Town of Halfmoon that the department currently maintains. Maintenance includes mowing, repairing broken headstones, and repairing or replacing broken fencing.

Cary Farm Cemetery 
Location: Adjacent to house at 31 Cary Road.
Size: 19,500sq.ft.



John Flynn Cemetery 
Location: North of 749 Hudson River Road
across from fire station.
Size: 5,250sq.ft.




Middletown Cemetery 
Location: On Grange Road off Halfmoon Drive
behind 40 Halfmoon Drive.
Size: 21,700sq.ft.



Newtown Cemetery 
Location: At intersection of Farm to Market Road 
and Pruyn Hill Road.
Size: 49,550sq.ft.



Rosekrans Cemetery 
Location: At intersection of Smith Road,
Anthony Road and Vosburgh Road
Size: 13,200sq.ft.




Smithtown Cemetery
Location: Behind house at 179 Upper Newtown Road.
Size: 8,400sq.ft.




West Crescent Cemetery
Location: Corner of Dunsbach and Crescent Vischers Ferry Road.
Next to empty gas Station.
Size: 19,500sq.ft.

Cary Farm
Cary Farm Cemetery


John Flynn Cemetery


Middletown Cemetery


Newtown Cemetery


Rosekrans Cemetery


Smithtown Cemetery


West Crescent Cemetery