In the absence of a local law regarding cats and their control, Animal Control CANNOT pick up stray and feral cats. There are but a few circumstances in which Animal Control can legally handle cats. These are: 

  • Owner surrender. 
  • Abandonment within a structure. 
  • Bite cases. 
  • Dead or severely injured such that immediate medical attention is needed to prevent death. 
  • Abuse or neglect-legal authorization from a police agency or judge required for making these seizures. 

If a resident, acting as a Good Samaritan in the best interests of the animal, feels that a cat is unowned, homeless, feral, etc., they may transport it to the County Animal Shelter with the Shelter’s permission. Call 885-4113 to make arrangements. Animal Control has humane traps and pet carriers available to borrow on a first come, first served basis for town residents.