Dog Licensing

Who is required to license? Anyone owning a dog 4 months of age or older or who is resident in New York State for more than 30 days.

What if my dog is an “indoor” dog? It does not matter. The licensing laws apply to “indoor” as well as “outdoor” dogs.

How long is a dog license good for? A dog license is issued for a period of 1 year and must be renewed annually in Halfmoon. Reminder notices are sent out by the Town Clerk a month prior to the expiration of the dog license.

How much does it cost to license my dog? A license for a spayed/neutered dog is $10.00 per year, a license for a pet that is unaltered is $16.00.

What do I need in order to license my dog? You need to provide a current rabies vaccination certificate, and in the case of a spayed/neutered pet, a certificate from a veterinarian that the pet has been altered.

Where do I get a dog license? Licenses can be acquired at the Town Clerk’s office.

What if my dog is sick and can’t be vaccinated? In some cases dogs are too ill to receive a rabies vaccine. A letter from a veterinarian stating this fact produced yearly at the time of renewal will satisfy the requirement for a vaccination certificate.  In the case of a dog who is too old to reproduce or whose health status will not allow it to be altered, a statement from a veterinarian to this fact will result in a lower license cost.

What is the penalty for not licensing? If a dog is found to be unlicensed, or has an expired license, an appearance ticket may be issued by the Animal Control Officer. If found guilty of failing to license, a fine of $25.00 per dog may be levied by the Town Court, and the dog must still be licensed as required by law.